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31 days drawing

Dear 2020, besides the difficulties you have brought, there's so much to be grateful for. What better way to be thankful than sharing? 
I'm sharing my formal education in arts so that other girls can get the opportunity of an education.
During the month of December I'm creating a drawing per day for a fixed price of AU$50 per original. 
50% of each sold artwork will go to @onegirl, a not for profit charity that provides EDUCATION for GIRLS in Uganda and Sierra Leone.

The idea is to help others start 2021 with more opportunities of getting an education by making affordable art accessible for everyone. Two birds, one stone.

When you educate a girl everything changes!
When a girl is educated, her health, status, income, and entire future changes for the better, she'll go on and educate her family and community. 
If every artwork gets sold (31 days x $25= $775) that means:
+ 2 girls will have access to education for an entire year
+ 1 girl will have business training
+ 5 pairs of school shoes
+ 1 year supply of sanitary pads

you can check the 31 days drawings at:

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