Some girls aren’t as privileged as us in education

By Chris & Chloe

Speak my new love language

Materialistic, spoilt, shallow… for the past years I have been trying to justify these attached judgments to my own primary love language of gift-giving. And to my poor loved ones who attempted to send me thoughtful gifts but ended up having me to choose my own gifts, I feel you. 

In May 2022, I was in touch with Debbie whom I never met before as it came to my attention that she needed donation of some decent white polos for a 19-year-young women who landed her first job in hospitality. I initially wanted to donate but as she is half my size, I bought her some new clothes instead. Debbie then passed on the message that the young woman was gratefully in tears when she received the package. That moment got me wondering how the cost of a 'usual' night out could be spent in a more holistic and rewarding way. 

I began to imagine what happens if I redirect my gift-giving energy to fund and empower more girls and young women with needs beyond needing work attires… What if I deny gifts from my friends and family but invite them to fund girls’ education? … and that’s how it got the ball rolling 💕

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Wish everyone could be educated.


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