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Introducing our CEO, Sarah Ireland! She’s pretty amazing.
Sarah began her career as a first-responder to the disaster zone in Myanmar from Cyclone Nargis. Since then, Sarah has built over 10 years experience in humanitarian outreach, international aid and the development sector.
She has led emergency response teams in the Philippines, Iraq and in the Horn of Africa. Then as a Humanitarian Advocacy and Policy Adviser, Sarah lobbied both Australian and overseas governments to increase foreign aid budgets and the intake of refugees, and to prioritise women and girls in their overseas aid programs. It was on the front line of disasters and crises where Sarah witnessed the power of education. Sarah is a winner of Pro Bono’s 2018 IMPACT 25 Awards and is currently the humanitarian representative on the Red Cross Australia Victorian International Humanitarian Law Advisory Committee.
Download Sarah Ireland’s full bio.

Sarah’s (impressive) areas of expertise:

– The power of education! And all the things it can achieve.
– How education can impact the lives of girls.
– The importance of empowering women globally.
– The benefits of humanitarian outreach around the world.

Sarah is available to comment on all things to do with girls’ education. For all media enquiries, please send them through to us at