Past Programs

Gone, but never forgotten!

We've had some stellar programs over the years, and we'd love to share them with you! Take a peek below of programs that we no longer run, but which have played a HUGE role in designing and developing our current programs – and getting us to where we are today!

Business Brains Sierra Leone

Learning beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Community LaunchPad

Increasing access to affordable and hygienic sanitary products for women and girls.

LaunchPad in Schools

Educational play-based activities to break period taboos!

Rights, Relationships & Respect

Promoting leadership amongst girls through raising awareness and increasing agency.

Here's why we don't run these beauties anymore

Programs don’t last forever, which is actually a good thing! If a program is designed and implemented well, intended outcomes are achieved, people’s lives change for the better and communities and nations strengthen and develop. If capacity is strengthened, participants are empowered and mobilised to then empower their communities in turn – and a program is often considered a success!

Some programs are designed to be short term only, while others may be subject to funding. Sometimes through implementation and evaluation, it’s determined that a program might not be best suited to participants and in particular contexts. We can take these learnings and recommendations to better improve our other programs, or to help redesign or create new programs! 

Over the past few years we have had some incredible programs as part of our work at One Girl. They are just too good not to share all the juicy details with you. We believe in collaboration too, so absolutely stand by sharing as much information as possible so that others don’t need to start from scratch – rather can access our learnings to ensure quality, empowering work across the globe. 

Plus, these beauties have helped inform and strengthen our current programs, and can offer a little extra context and understanding to how and why we do things here at One Girl!