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As a member of our regular-giving program, Graduation, you'll be supporting our education programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda that are working to break down all of the barriers girls face in not just accessing education – but in being the best they can be!

When you become a member of Graduation, you're standing up for every girl's right to an education.

Our programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda support girls and young women with business skills, affordable sanitary products, education in menstrual hygiene, water and sanitation, education in menstrual hygiene management, sexual and reproductive health and rights and with high-school scholarships.

Our mission is to harness the incredible power of education to drive change for girls and their communities. 

Girls like Bintu*:

*We've changed Bintu's name to protect her identity.



A special welcome pack, including the stories of some of One Girl Scholars.


VIP supporter calls and content from our programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Exclusive updates and reports from programs that you're helping to support.

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