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We call our regular giving program Graduation. Why, we hear you ask?! 

Because when we support girls through school, we don’t just support them for a short time. We make a commitment to girls in our program, and support them all the way through to graduation. And as a member of Graduation, you'll be supporting our education programs in Sierra Leone that are working to break down all of the barriers girls face in not just accessing education – but in being the best they can be!

When you become a member of Graduation, you're standing up for every girl's right to an education.

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When you become a Graduation member, aka part of the One Girl family, we keep you updated on how your donations are making a difference through our bi-monthly emails and yearly report card. You’ll also be invited to One Girl events throughout the year, where we can thank you in person for your incredible generosity, and chat to you about all things One Girl! Basically, we shower you with a whole lot of love and make sure you know how your monthly donations are changing the world for girls. 

How does it all work?! Simply sign up below, and then your donation will be debited from your chosen credit or debit card on the same date each month. You can change, pause or cancel your gift at any time. You can also manage your own account within the website. You will be given access to login, track your donations, download your receipts and update your details.

Will you join us in making the world a fairer one for all girls?

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can provide 5 scholars with lunch money for a month.

can provide 25 scholars with sanitary pads for a month.

can provide 2 scholars with a solar light to help her do homework after school.
can provide a scholar with a back-to-school kit, which includes a school bag, books, pen, uniforms, shoes, hats, calculator, geometry set and much more.

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