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  Everything you need to know about One Girl workplace giving programs. 

Support One Girl Through Workplace Giving

Workplace giving (also known as pre-tax payroll giving) is a super easy and very effective way for employees to donate to charities and causes throughout the year – like One Girl!

Workplace giving programs are of course optional, and can involve a fortnightly or monthly contribution, or donations at specific times during the year like Christmas or other holidays. 

Top tip – for more detailed information about workplace giving and how it may apply to you, check out this handy resource from the Australian Taxation Office.

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Why workplace giving, why One Girl?

Excellent question! There's a tonne of reasons, so keep reading! 

Supporting One Girl's programs through workplace giving

Not only does workplace giving positively contribute to an organisation’s culture (more on that below), but by supporting One Girl, you’re actively standing up for girls' right to an education – a right that 130 million girls around the world are currently denied.

Girls in Sierra Leone are more likely to become a child bride than they are to finish high school – only 16% of girls in Sierra Leone actually ever complete high school. But with your support, One Girl is able to harness the power of education to help transform the lives of girls, their families and communities. 

By making a contribution to One Girl through workplace giving, you are supporting: 

  • Girls in Sierra Leone to access and complete their high school education.
  • Programs that educate girls and young women on business skills, menstrual hygiene management, and sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Girls and women to access affordable sanitary products.

This all adds up to a generation of educated and empowered young women, who are equipped with the life skills necessary to make decisions about reproductive health and family planning – in turn helping to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change! It's all about the ripple effect. And you can be a part of the big splash! 

So, what's in it for the organisations? 

Heaps! Workplace giving has an abundance of benefits for everyone involved. Whether you're the boss or the employee, you'll be sure to enjoy seeing how your contribution has changed the lives of so many young girls.

Workplace giving for employers

Here a just a few reasons why workplace giving with One Girl might just be the thing you're after!

The workplace giving program:

  • Instills and demonstrates organisational leadership – through a culture of giving and an emphasis on social impact.
  • Is facilitated pre-tax, meaning the process is easy and can be managed through payroll software.
  • Leads to more inspired staff, higher retention and overall good workplace vibes! 

Workplace giving for employees

Contributing a portion of your salary to organisations doing good things in the world is a pretty awesome thing to do. We're pretty stoked you've read this far, so here's a few extra reasons why opting in to workplace with One Girl is wonderful. 

  • Workplace giving boosts employee and team morale – you're making a real difference in supporting girls' education! 
  • It allows you to contribute to socially responsible causes that you believe in and are passionate about.
  • It lets you connect with One Girl through quarterly updates and opportunities to hear from our team, staying in the loop with your how your donations are making some epic impacts.

  When you educate a girl,  

  everything changes.  

Matched Giving

Matched giving is a little something extra for employees to really get stuck into supporting girls' education. As the name suggests, matched giving allows companies to match their employee's donations. If a team member donates $20, the employer will match this with $20 of their own – doubling the overall contribution and doubling the impact! This is a great incentive to encourage and rally your team to sign up and get on board the workplace giving program, knowing their contribution will go twice as far.

Get started with workplace giving

Keen to get on board? We're so glad!

To get started as an employer, you can choose from either one of two options: 

  • Set up your own internal workplace giving program with regular bank transfers that coincide with your pay cycle. The Australian Taxation Office provides some assistance with this process. This option does not include any additional fees, which third party platforms sometimes incur. All you need to do is email or submit a request below for deposit details, and we can go from there. 
  • Alternatively, you can sign up through a third party platform, such as Give Now or Good2Give or Benevity. This lets your employees create their own accounts, select One Girl as their charity of choice and manage their own contributions.

If you’re an employee and are keen to get involved, please double check that your workplace doesn't already have a giving program in place. If they don’t, then you're good to go! Reach out to us via the form below, and we'll send you some helpful information to pass along to the people in charge. 

Ready to get started?

Thanks for your interest in setting up workplace giving with One Girl. We're thrilled to have you on board, and can't wait to get started! 

Drop us a line via the form below and we will get back to you ASAP with all the info you need. 

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