is her right, her future.

This International Day of the Girl, it's time to invest in her education, her future.

Girls have consistently shown that given the education, skills and opportunities, they can be the changemakers driving progress in their communities.

This Tuesday, October 11th, is International Day of the Girl. A day to celebrate the achievements and potential of girls. 

And whilst there has been increased attention on issues that matter to girls amongst governments, policymakers and the general public, investment into girls rights remains limited, and they continue to face challenges to fulfilling their potential; made worse by concurrent crises of climate change, COVID-19 and humanitarian conflict. (2022)

And millions of girls around the world are still being denied access to their education, simply because they are a girl.  

One Girl is breaking down the barriers girls’ face in accessing their education through our girl-led programs in the places we work. Our programs take a holistic approach to ensuring girls feel safe at school, have ample opportunity to complete all levels of their education, gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, learn socio-economic and life skills to help adapt to a changing world, and that they can advocate and make decisions for their own lives and communities.

We believe that girls are ready to be accelerated forward. It's time to invest in a future that believes in her agency, leadership and potential. 

Her time is NOW.

WE are ready.

Are YOU with us?

Here’s what your donation can provide:

  • $20 could provide 4 One Girl Scholars with lunch money for one month.
  • $40 can provide a One Girl Scholar with a solar light to help her do homework after school.
  • $56 could provide a One Girl Scholar with transport to and from school for an entire school year.
  • $100 can provide extra tuition weekly for a One Girl Scholar to ensure that she is ready for exams and has homework support.
  • $200 can provide sanitary pads for 66 One Girl Scholars for a month.
  • $400 can provide 2 One Girl Scholars with a back-to-school kit, which includes a school bag, books, pen, school uniform, ceremonial uniforms, shoes, hats, calculator, geometry set, veil, school belt and much more.
  • $2,200 contributes to supporting a One Girl Scholar inside and outside the classroom for an entire year, by breaking down the financial, cultural, and social barriers a girl in Sierra Leone faces.



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