We LOVE Transparency.

Have you read our 2018 Annual Report yet? You’re in for a real treat! So grab yourself a cup of tea, open our 2018 Annual Report, and get ready to delve deep into all that we got up to in 2018!

We do everything we can to be completely transparent about how we work and how we spend the money we raise. You want your donations to make a real difference on the ground, and we want that too.

So let’s start with our financials. Here’s a general breakdown of how we spend the money we raise. Then check out our annual financial reports for a more detailed rundown.




Things like school materials, salaries for program staff, books, bags and building materials and scholarships.


Things like marketing, salaries for fundraising staff, our ambassador program, online fundraising platform, dresses and posters.


Things like public liability insurance, printing, stationery, merchant fees and a proportion of salaries.


2018 Financial Report
Take a look at our latest audit report!

2017 Financial Report
The latest audit report from our biggest year yet!

2016 Financial Report
All of the numbers and financials from our 2016 adventures.

2015 Financial Report
Even more financials and numbers from the year that was.

2014 Financial Report
More financials and messages from our auditors and directors!

2013 Financial Report
The Directors report on our 2013 activities along with all the figures.

2012 Financial Report
This reports on our 2012 adventures, plus the numbers for you!

2011 Financial Report
Director’s report on our 2011 activities, plus some sexy numbers for you.

2010 Financial Report
Director’s report on our 2010 activities, plus some fancy pants financials.

We run on a Jan–Dec financial year. Our audited accounts are released between April and June the following year.

If you have any questions regarding the documents on this page, please contact us at info@onegirl.org.au


Our Year In Review reports are a detailed look into our program activities from the year.

Read our 2017 Year In Review to get an inside look at how we reached over 11,600 women and girls through our education projects last year.

Check out our 2016 Year In Review to learn how we reached over 5,700 women and girls through our education projects last year.


For a lot of people, “charity admin costs” are a bit of a touchy subject. People don’t necessarily jump for joy when they hear about non profits spending money on administration and operating costs.

And we get that. If you donate to a cause you want your money to support that cause. But this is an area that’s a bit more complex than it seems – and there’s plenty of myths and misinformation out there that muddy the water.

So we’ve included links to a couple of blog posts that go into detail below. But here’s what it comes down to:

Non-profits, like any other business, need to spend money to grow and thrive. People need to be paid. Our Co-Founders worked for 3 years full-time without a salary and it simply wasn’t sustainable. Landlords and electricity companies only talk in dollars. Financial audits and insurance policies are vital to our operation, and they require money too.

Of course we get INCREDIBLE support from printers, videographers, copywriters, graphic designers, PR firms, website companies, and more – all who discount or donate their services. And we have an amazing team of volunteers who give their time and skills to help make the magic happen.

But if something is important and we have to pay – we pay. And most of the time – the investment pays back tenfold in the interest and support we generate.

If you want to explore this more, have a look at these blog posts and the brilliant TED talk with them. And if you think you or your business could help us save on some costs, we’d love to chat to you!

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