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5 ways to make a difference this International Women’s Day

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March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s achievements and progress and a day to mobilise to continue the fight for equality. It’s been exhilarating to witness the extraordinary momentum of global campaigns like #Metoo and #TimesUp where we’ve seen the world wake up, unite and demand a better deal for women. But International Women’s Day isn’t just about these massive movements and the actions of celebrities. It’s a day for all us – women and men – to celebrate the things we and our female friends, colleagues and the women who inspire us, have done and…

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Turns out we were wrong about how many girls miss out on school. Now what?

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Q: How many girls globally are out of school? A: Many more than we thought. Many millions more, in fact. Now we know the global reality – what do we do next? Imagine you had to figure out how many girls around the world are out of school. Not by typing the question into Google, but by actually working it out from scratch. Where would you start? How would you cope with the sheer size of the job? Or deal with issues of remoteness, language and cultural barriers, refugee populations on the move? Who would you ask? How would you…

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Happy Birthday, Freckleduck!

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Like so many things in Melbourne, it started over coffee. Zoe and Brad had spent countless weekends blissfully exploring the local cafe scene. But somewhere along the way, they realised that they loved the whole food and coffee thing so much, they actually wanted to make it their life. So three years ago today, they opened Freckleduck, their very own, very cool cafe in the regional town of Geelong. And as you can probably tell – they love it! Yes, it’s hard work and there’s no such thing as a day off anymore. But as Brad told us, it’s worth…

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It takes a village to raise a child; and an entire community to create massive change

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It’s extraordinary how much you can achieve with the right partner! We haven’t even passed the one-year mark, and already our newest partnership in Uganda is creating amazing long-term, sustainable changes in the lives of individual girls and their communities. They say it takes a village to raise a child. If that famous saying is true, then you want that village to be a strong, cohesive community where every one of its children has the opportunity to flourish. Regardless of their gender. But the effects of poverty, coupled with traditionally held beliefs and misinformation can get in the way – and…

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How much of my dollar goes towards educating girls?

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Here’s a question we get asked a lot: “How much of my hard-earned money will actually help the girls and women in Africa?” People don’t always put it that way – often they ask things like: “How much money gets spent on Admin? How much on Fundraising? On Operations?” Basically they’re trying to work out if their money will actually make an impact. And that’s a question worth asking. If you’re one of our supporters, you deserve to know how your money is being used. And if you’re fundraising for us, you can be sure people will ask you these kinds…

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Meet the volunteers that make the magic happen

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Our volunteers are incredibly important to us – we literally couldn’t function without them. They help us with everything from campaigns and comms to admin and accounting. If you’ve ever received a school dress, a campaign update, or a video from us, there’s a good chance a One Girl volunteer helped make it happen. They keep our technology humming and our shop singing. They make achieving our mission to educate and empower girls possible. So we do whatever we can to make sure our vollies love working with us as much as we love having their support. Often they have…

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Spoil your mum with a gift that changes lives

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Who hasn’t found themselves running around at the last minute trying to find a ‘meaning’ Mother’s Day gift? It’s no fun. You know she’ll love whatever you give her because you gave it to her – but it can all feel so commercial. Yet, it’s hard to beat the feeling of giving someone special a gift they really love, so what do you do? Luckily, we have a solution. This Mother’s Day, we’ve done the hard work for you and stocked up our range of gorgeous Gifts That Don’t Suck in the One Girl Shop, handpicked to make the perfect…

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How we stay nimble: 3 reasons why we DON’T tie funding

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Impact is the new black. In the not-for-profit world, people want to know that their support is actually making a difference. And that’s smart. We’ve all heard too much about wasted funds, inefficient operations and less than perfect ethics to just hand over our money and leave it up to an organisation to do their thing. Instead we want to know how our money will be used, and crucially how lives will be changed as a result of our support. We want to know: “What’s my impact?” So it’s no surprise that people sometimes ask us if they can tie…

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