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Talking about periods is changing lives

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You know what would be bloody great to talk about on International Women’s Day? Periods! And not just because a film about menstruation won an Oscar this year (check out ‘Period. End of sentence.’)! In our new report, women and girls in Sierra Leone have described how things have improved, how attitudes have changed and how much more power they feel – all because the big red has come out from behind the veil of secrecy and shame. Chances are, the first time a girl in Sierra Leone gets her period, she won’t have any idea what’s happening. Periods are…

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The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things

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If you read our blog regularly you’ll know we share lots of stories about the girls we support. We want people to actually know what it means when we say ‘education changes a girl’s life’. And what becomes possible when they get out and Do It In A Dress, make a donation, or pledge their birthday. We want them to know the kind of impact their support is making. But these stories can be a bit one sided. They can make it seem like the impact only flows in one direction. And if you’ve ever supported someone or something you really…

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Meet the supermum on a life-changing adventure – in a school dress!

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When Fran found her old hiking boots stuffed in the back of her cupboard, she realised how much she missed her outdoor life. As a mum of four kids, she’d been really busy! So she made some changes. Big changes! And right now she’s on her most epic adventure yet. A busy family life doesn’t leave much time for hiking and adventures. At least that’s what Fran had thought. But from the minute she pulled on her old boots she realised exactly what she needed to do. She was over all the craziness of city life anyway, so she was…

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Sierra Leone's new President in green and while stripped tee-shirt waving to crowds from sunroof of car

Sierra Leone has a new President. Here’s why it matters (and why it took a month to happen!)

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Our last federal election was described as ‘one of the dullest political races in Australia in living memory’. If only voters in Sierra Leone could be so lucky. After a long and challenging process, their country finally has a new leader. But getting there has taken its toll – and it’s still a bit early to say things are back to normal. In Australia, we can be incredibly passionate about politics – or not. But regardless of how we feel about our pollies, the parties and their policies, the actual voting process is pretty simple. We head to a polling…

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Baby girl sitting in a pit of coloured plastic balls

Meet our youngest (and cutest) fundraiser ever!

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We know we’re not supposed to have favorites – but how adorable is Frankie? She had her first birthday a while back. And with a tad of help from her family, she celebrated that very special milestone by raising enough money to send three girls to school! Frankie is still a bit young to know this, but in her big extended family giving something up to help others is part of the family tradition. Frankie’s mum, Mikaela, remembers her own 8th birthday party when her mum donated the money for her cake to charity – and instead put eight candles…

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women's march

5 ways to make a difference this International Women’s Day

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March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s achievements and progress and a day to mobilise to continue the fight for equality. It’s been exhilarating to witness the extraordinary momentum of global campaigns like #Metoo and #TimesUp where we’ve seen the world wake up, unite and demand a better deal for women. But International Women’s Day isn’t just about these massive movements and the actions of celebrities. It’s a day for all us – women and men – to celebrate the things we and our female friends, colleagues and the women who inspire us, have done and…

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Turns out we were wrong about how many girls miss out on school. Now what?

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Q: How many girls globally are out of school? A: Many more than we thought. Many millions more, in fact. Now we know the global reality – what do we do next? Imagine you had to figure out how many girls around the world are out of school. Not by typing the question into Google, but by actually working it out from scratch. Where would you start? How would you cope with the sheer size of the job? Or deal with issues of remoteness, language and cultural barriers, refugee populations on the move? Who would you ask? How would you…

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Happy Birthday, Freckleduck!

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Like so many things in Melbourne, it started over coffee. Zoe and Brad had spent countless weekends blissfully exploring the local cafe scene. But somewhere along the way, they realised that they loved the whole food and coffee thing so much, they actually wanted to make it their life. So three years ago today, they opened Freckleduck, their very own, very cool cafe in the regional town of Geelong. And as you can probably tell – they love it! Yes, it’s hard work and there’s no such thing as a day off anymore. But as Brad told us, it’s worth…

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