5 reasons to give at tax time

19 Jun 2020
  1. It will make you happier

No kidding, the proof is in the pudding and by pudding I mean science. It turns out spending money on others or giving to charity can put a bigger smile on your dial than spending it on yourself! Now, don’t get me wrong you need to keep spending money on yourself — we want you to eat well, stay warm and stay safe and be happy — but it turns out making a donation can help you do that last one! Not only will you know that a cause close to your heart is being supported, but your simple act of giving will actually increase your happiness!

  1. It lets you show gratitude

Giving to a charity or making a donation is a really great way to show your appreciation for what you have by providing for others, and you don’t have to be bonkers-rich to do it! For instance, you might really love your job and want to show your gratitude by working really hard or thanking your boss for giving you the opportunity. OR you could choose to support an organisation that funds education so that others (ahem … girls) can have the same opportunities as you did — you can pay your education forward! 

  1. It lets you put your money where your mouth is 

If you believe in something, then making a tax time donation can put your money where your beliefs are. Do you think Oprah could just keep talking about how much she wanted to give away cars forever? No way! Eventually, she had to actually give away cars and it probably made her feel great ;) For real though … there are so many great organisations out there trying to generate positive social change in communities around the world and they need your help (YOU get to be an advocate for change, and YOU get to be an … anyway, you see where I’m going with this?).

  1. It sets the right example

You don’t have to be a parent to set a good example, and it’s not just kids who can learn from your legendary life choices! Making a donation to a charity and supporting your favourite cause sets an example for those around you (whether it’s your kids, mates, colleagues or even your parents!). It reinforces the importance of community, generosity, and strong morals, among other important life lessons. It also means you are 100% more likely to be regarded as an absolute champion. 

  1. Money Money Money! It means you get financial benefits at tax time

During tax time at the end of the financial year, you are able to claim back on taxes you have paid with a tax-deductible receipt from a donation made to an Australian charity. Any tax-deductible donation over $2 gets you a tax receipt that you can give to your accountant or lodge yourself. Basically it pays to be a tax time donor!    

Come to think of it (wink wink), we’re running a tax time appeal to help us fund a brand new pilot program called Girl Tok and it’s all about making sure Coivd-19 doesn’t become yet another barrier keeping girls from accessing a quality education. 

So if you want to feel happier, show your gratitude for education, act on your beliefs, set a good example AND get more tax back, head over to our website to find out more and donate before June 30!