One Girl’s Scholarship Program is now Girls in School. Here’s why…

23 Nov 2021

The One Girl program that you have always known and loved is changing her name. One Girl’s flagship Scholarship program is now the Girls in School program!

“As One Girl articulates her strategic vision for 2022 and beyond, one thing is clear, we are not changing what we do, it is how we do it that is changing,” said Dr Chrisanta Muli, One Girl CEO.

The Girls In School program remains One Girl’s core and best known program that supports girls' education at a school level. We are rebranding to better represent our approach and outcomes. It isn't just about paying school fees as much as it is about creating enabling environments through say community engagement or life skills training that support girls to access and stay in school.

The Girl’s in School Program takes a holistic approach to supporting girls to access and complete high school education, by providing scholars with:

-  all school materials including (school uniform, shoes, text books, other school supplies) and solar-powered lamps to help her study at home in the evenings

- monthly sanitary pads and education on menstrual hygiene to reduce stigma

- extra tuition to ensure that she is ready for exams and has homework support

- high school graduating exam (WASSCE) fees for those sitting private WASSCE

- training on essential life skills such as mental health & wellbeing, advocacy etc.

- creating safe space for girl-led events and initiatives for growth in leadership and other soft skills

We also work with community leaders and other stakeholders to ensure that girls have support outside of the school environment to continue learning and exploring their potential.

“Our donors and supporters play a crucial role in supporting our work with keeping girls in school,” says Chrisanta.

“All that we’ve done over the past 12 years and are doing with the program and Scholars is entirely supported by donations and fundraising.”

Thank you, amazing One Girl community! Watch this space to keep on top of all the amazing things we get up to with the Girls in School program.

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