What do you want for your birthday when you have all you need?

06 Jun 2018

Milestone birthdays have a way of making you stop and ask yourself ‘How am I tracking? Am I where I want to be? Have I done the things I wanted to do by now?’

These were the things Peter Allen was reflecting on in the lead up to his 60th birthday last year. His conclusion? He’s one of the luckiest people to have ever lived! If you have a happy family, are in good health, have enjoyed a great education and you run a successful business - what more do you need? Nothing as it turns out. And that’s why Peter told to his family and friends he didn’t want any presents for his big birthday. Instead, he asked them to show their love by supporting a cause he was passionate about - girls' education.

Peter’s company, Sustainable Resource Use, began supporting One Girl a number of years ago because of his enduring love of Africa and passion for girls’ education. “I visited Uganda 30 years ago and still have great affection for the country and its people. As an Australian man, I feel a strong drive to address both global and gender inequality and I believe a grassroots approach to supporting girls achieves so much. The girls we help today will still be living transformed lives for many, many years.”

Peter’s 60th birthday was everything he wanted it to be. He celebrated the day with all his loved ones who generously gifted over $1400, which is enough to give more than four girls access to education for an entire year! This gift meant way more to Peter than anything you could buy in a shop. “My friends and family got together and shared some food and drink - but the support for these girls will be the enduring highlight for me.  I am sure I will ponder over the next ten years how the education of these girls will have opened up opportunities for them.” It’s a pretty nice way to celebrate a special day.

Got a milestone birthday coming up?

Why not pledge your birthday and tell your nearest and dearest that rather than buy you a present, they can help you educate a girl instead! What better way to celebrate a huge life milestone, than by transforming the lives of girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda through education!

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