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Turns out we were wrong about how many girls miss out on school. Now what?

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Q: How many girls globally are out of school? A: Many more than we thought. Many millions more, in fact. Now we know the global reality – what do we do next? Imagine you had to figure out how many girls around the world are out of school. Not by typing the question into Google, but by actually working it out from scratch. Where would you start? How would you cope with the sheer size of the job? Or deal with issues of remoteness, language and cultural barriers, refugee populations on the move? Who would you ask? How would you…

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Meet the girl who took on Everest to educate girls

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We are constantly inspired by our incredible community. Every day you blow us away with your passion, your creativity, and your enthusiasm. And the lengths (and heights!) you’ll go to in order to educate girls.  While most of us were vegging out, nursing food comas, or just generally eating, drinking and merry-making over the festive season, Georgia was taking on something epic. She was trekking to Everest Base Camp and she was doing it to educate girls. Starting with a goal of raising $900 to educate 3 girls – Georgia was immediately overwhelmed with the support she got. As the…

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How do you build a new future? One brick at a time.

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Mr Kargbo couldn’t believe what he was hearing. After all they’d been through – after all the horrors that they’d seen – were they going to lose the school again? Mr Kargbo is the Head Teacher at the community school in Ronietta. For him, it’s not just a job – it’s a mission. He’s on a mission to educate the children of his community, to equip them with knowledge to go out and reach their full potential. And he’d just been told the Government of Sierra Leone was planning to shut down the school – his school. He’d lost his…

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3 ways Ebola is putting girls at risk (that you might not know about)

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Sierra Leone’s children are currently experiencing a disruption to their lives, which is devastating their ability to learn. But this time it’s not a conflict – it’s a deadly viral outbreak. The Ebola outbreak is proving to be as disruptive to Sierra Leone’s young generation as the country’s 1991-2002 Civil War was to their parents before them. It’s normal in a situation as grave as the Ebola epidemic to focus on the most urgent issues, like getting aid to Sierra Leone or opening new hospitals. But thinking beyond the health crisis unfolding, we know though that education is vital to the…

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How a humble radio is helping to educate girls in Sierra Leone despite Ebola

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Right now in every district across Sierra Leone there are hundreds of empty classrooms. Rows upon rows of tables and chairs accumulating dust. Countless books and pens lying around, just waiting to be used. The Ebola outbreak has had a huge impact on the education system in Sierra Leone. A Government shut down of the schools has been in place since July 2014 to try and stop the spread of the virus, so for now teachers and students are staying at home. So what happens to the students in Sierra Leone, forced to stay home without access to school? How…

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75% of Ebola cases are female: want to know why?

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Hey guys, my name is Saúl, I’m part of the One Girl online media team and have been working on media coverage for all your awesome Do It In a Dress adventures! My background is in journalism with specific training in human rights and gender studies, so you can imagine just how psyched I was to come on board the One Girl team, a chance to write uplifting stories about the transformative nature of education for girls? It couldn’t be more up my alley! I’m going to bring you up to speed with the Ebola crisis currently sweeping through Sierra Leone and…

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Fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone : What we’re doing and how you can help

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It’s been a couple of months now since our last update on Ebola. Since then the outbreak has spread further and deeper throughout West Africa. The deadly virus is now in 5 countries: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Senegal. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just released updated numbers of confirmed and suspected cases up to almost 5,000 – with just over 2,400 deaths. About a third of these have occurred in Sierra Leone. The Ebola outbreak has had devastating effects on the country, as well as the entire West African region – and it’s not slowing down. Things are…

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Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

The deadliest disease on Earth is now in Sierra Leone

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The first time I heard about the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) was right before I went to Africa for the first time in 2008. I was at one of my best friend’s house saying my goodbyes, and the conversation went a little something like this: Friend: I hope you don’t get Ebola. Me: What’s Ebola? Friend: You know the movie Outbreak? Me: The one with the monkeys? Friend: Yeah, that’s Ebola. Me: Oh. After recovering from my shock in realising that the 1995 movie Outbreak was actually based on a real disease, I went home and googled Ebola. Thankfully at…

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