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It’s up to all of us to #PressForProgress and fight for women everywhere

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“We need so much – food, clean water, doctors to help us when we are sick – but most of all we need education. If we don’t have education, we have nothing.” A little while ago I was in a refugee camp in Iraq that was the new home of thousands of Syrian families who had fled the long and brutal conflict in Syria. The camp was about 40 minutes drive from the nearest town, and was incredibly bleak. The tents were the same dusty beige as the sandy ground, and the only solid structures in the camp, the toilet…

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One girl is powerful. A movement of girls is unstoppable.

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So often in our work we focus on the one girl. It’s an idea that inspired the founding of our organisation, and of course our name. Educate that one girl. Change her life and her future. Empower her to reach her potential. And it’s a powerful idea. Why? Because the problems we tackle are immense. The statistics are grim. And the numbers are staggering – to the point where it can be paralysing. Around the world over 60 million girls are denied an education. Every year more than 15 million girls around the world face child marriage. Of the world’s…

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Do It In A Dress and educate a girl in Africa

What if the clothes you wore could change a life?

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It’s time to dust off those dresses. We’ve launched Do It In A Dress for 2015 and and we want you to get ready to change thousands of lives this October! But before you do anything, watch this video. It’s our best campaign video yet and we’re so ridiculously excited to share it with the world…. Now if that doesn’t inspire you to get your dress on, we don’t know what will! 66 million girls around the world don’t have access to education, simply because they were born a girl. Because they were born into poverty, or a culture or…

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One Girl Gala : A Night To Dream

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Last Saturday night in an amazing warehouse space in Melbourne, something incredible happened. Something that took months of planning, design, preparation (and I’ll admit it – a little panic). We held our annual One Girl Gala – and it was a stunning, inspiring, ridiculously fun night. We set out to create a night filled with dreams, the most inspiring stories, and some sneaky surprises for our amazing community. And we did just that. We created a Night to Dream. When you’re young, the world is your oyster. You can be a ballerina, an astronaut, a cowboy if you want! But…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Strangers (or Friends) on the Internet and Start Believing in the Beauty of your Own Dreams

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Okay, I admit it. I am SO guilty of doing this. I was lying on my couch the other day (after watching back to back episodes of House – my new TV addiction), when I clicked across to my Facebook feed. I starting browsing through some images a friend has posted from a stunning resort in Bali. Her days are spent travelling the world and teaching people to become location independent entrepreneurs. I feel a twinge of envy in my gut. Another friend excitedly posts that they’d just scored a $200,000 a year job. My eye starts to twitch. 

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Are you ready to Run #LikeAGirl?

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Ever heard this? “You run like a girl.” Or throw/fight/hit/kick/play/whatever else people try and knock girls down for. Whether or not you’re a girl, you’ve probably heard that at some stage in your life. But have you actually stopped to ask why that should ever be a bad thing? From a young age we’re told to assume being #likeagirl means being weak, or inadequate. But why can’t #likeagirl mean fierce, competitive, passionate and enduring? We believe it can. So with our Run #LikeAGirl campaign we’re out to prove exactly that – and we need YOUR help to do it! My…

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8 Reasons to Climb Mt Kilimanjaro #LikeAGirl

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This November, I’m going on an adventure of a lifetime. I’m Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and I want YOU to come with me. I’m so excited about this that I literally bring it up at every opportunity I can. Anyone I’ve spoken with in the past 2 months can confirm! If you’re looking for some reasons to join in on the action, here are 8 of them! 1. You’ll be smashing goals left, right and centre! By putting yourself on the line for the personal challenge, you’ll not only kick your own goals, but kick your own fundraising goals too! People have a…

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Will you Climb #LikeAGirl with me?

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Hey guys, Lauren here. First up, merry new year! It’s so exciting to be back for another year at One Girl. 2015 is going to be the best year of our lives, and to kick it off I have something absolutely EPIC to share with you. I am incredibly excited to announce that we have teamed up with Inspired Adventures to bring you the most epic challenge possible. In November, we are heading over to Tanzania, and we’re going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro! EPIC. TELL ME MORE RIGHT NOW. So – who are Inspired Adventures? Inspired Adventures designs, manages and…

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