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We have some BIG news – meet One Girl’s new CEO!

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It might seem VERY early in the year to be making such a bold statement but no matter what else happens – 2018 has already been a huge year for One Girl. We’ve got some big news we can’t wait to share – we’ve just appointed a new CEO! If you know anything about One Girl you’ll know we’re a passionate lot. Anyone who joins the team isn’t just starting a new job – they’re joining the One Girl family. So a new CEO – well that’s a mighty big addition to the family! Building on a vision When our…

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Meet the volunteers that make the magic happen

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Our volunteers are incredibly important to us – we literally couldn’t function without them. They help us with everything from campaigns and comms to admin and accounting. If you’ve ever received a school dress, a campaign update, or a video from us, there’s a good chance a One Girl volunteer helped make it happen. They keep our technology humming and our shop singing. They make achieving our mission to educate and empower girls possible. So we do whatever we can to make sure our vollies love working with us as much as we love having their support. Often they have…

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How scrolling through Facebook led me to a decision that changed my life

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It was late on a Monday night and, like all good law students, I was scrolling through Facebook instead of studying. A friend had tagged me in a video, and I clicked through to watch. I had no idea my life was about to change completely. It’s a video you might have seen it yourself actually… The video finished and I took a breath. Swivelling around on my chair I gestured at the screen to my partner: “that’s my job.” He laughed. “You’re not looking for a job.” “No,” I told him. “You don’t understand. THAT’S my job.” It’s true…

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What it means to be a girl

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Today is International Day of the Girl, and what better day than today to reflect on what it means to be a girl. It’s the perfect day to think about gender, equality, and opportunity – and how it all fits into what we do at One Girl. Growing up as the youngest and only girl in my family, with two older brothers, I was never made to feel inadequate or incapable of doing and becoming whatever I desired. In fact, when I was little all I wanted to do was EVERYTHING my brothers did. Gender did not define who I…

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Last year this decision changed my life… Now it’s your turn

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I’ve always wanted to change the world. If there was some kind of Changemakers Anonymous meeting that existed, I’d be there. Every week. “Hi, my name is Sharni, and I want to make a difference”.  Equipped with a strong sense of justice, I can’t remember a time where I wanted to do anything else with my life. But the path before me wasn’t clear – How can I change the world? What contribution can I make? Where do I start? What can I do? After high school I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies (because that’s what people do, right?) and…

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How to get a job in International Development

How to get a job as an International Program Manager: 3 insider tips from a recruiter

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Hi. I’m Dave, I’m the Director of a non-profit organisation and I’m the guy you’re trying to convince to hire you. Let’s face it, if you’re straight out of University or you’re making a career change, getting that dream job is going to be challenging. When I finished my degree I got really frustrated. I kept looking at these job ads, most of which needed prior experience. I couldn’t understand how you’re supposed to have experience, when you need experience to get experience. 6 years on and now I’m responsible for hiring one of our most important roles at One…

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