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Hey y’all, this month’s my birthday! I’ve never really been much of a birthday person but I thought I’d do something fulfilling this year and I need your help!

Education is something that has been a huge part of my life, in fact, a huge part of most of our lives. So it saddens me to think that some people have to go on to live their lives being deprived of something that teaches us and allows us to grow so much as individuals. Over 130 MILLION girls are DENIED an education. Why? Just because they were born girls. 

It’s hard to imagine, but a girl in Sierra Leone is more likely to be married before they turn 18 than she is to finish high school – and only 16% of girls ever complete high school. But when you educate a girl, her income will increase by 10–25% for every year she stays in school. She’ll get married when she CHOOSES TO, be able to THINK FOR HERSELF and HAVE CONTROL over her own income.

So this year for my birthday, I’d like to reach out and ask for YOUR help. 

Every dollar that you decide to donate will go towards girls who have been deprived education in Africa. When we reach $300, we have just successfully sent one girl to school for a whole year. 

Thank you for your time ❤

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I'm so so proud of you Div xx


Sony George

Great cause to support Divya.. Good luck and lots of love and best wishes on your birthday too! Stay Awesome!


Afreen Akbany



So proud of you for doing this!! All the best x


Resham Kay


Sarah Leung

Hi Divya! Happy birthday and hope the money makes a difference :)


Kunal Nanwani


Meher Kalwani

So proud of you ❤️



Keep up the great work. Making a big change for the community. 😊


Heshanthi Munasinha

So proud of you Divvv❤️


Shalini Pillai

So proud of you my bbygirl!! <3




Tara Buckley

Good luck Divya!!


Roshan Bharwani


Rohit Kalwani


Rahul Sabnani

Proud of you for setting this up div!


Deborah Chandra

Amazing cause! Hope you reach your goal and even more :D


Divya Nanwani


Parveen Suresh Nanwani

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