Alannah Macasero

Do It In A Dress 2020

I'm Doing It In A Dress because

130 million girls around the world are out of school. Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls, but also their families, communities and countries. Not only that, but getting more girls in school will have a positive impact on climate change! A win-win-win.

I'm putting on a school dress to raise awareness and raise funds for girls' education. Because when I put on a dress, I'll be helping girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda put on a school dress and take charge of their futures.ย 

Help me change the world through girls' education!

My Achievements

Reached 100% of your fundraising target! A+ effort!

Joined Do It In A Dress 2020 ... and we're off!

Raised $40!? Enough for five reusable pad kits!

Hit $100! Enough for life skills training for six months!

Raised $300 โ€“ that's enough for school for one year!

Raised $500 ... you are absolutely smashing it!

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Thanked my donors :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Daniella Mccrystal

What a lovely initiative :) Well done Alannah


Valerie Macasero -amatong

Hi Alannah. I’m so happy to Help you in your cause. Praying for the less fortunate and God bless you and the other Girls helping you on this Issues.


Sheila Longa

Good luck on this venture and thanks for helping women empowering women provide awareness And education.


Heathcliff Cabatingan

Good luck on your journey Alannah! We are proud of you๐Ÿ˜Š


Tisay Jaca

Best of Luck Inday Alanah....


Michael Taylor

Hear you go


Gil/claudine Fernandez


Lori Godoy


Dana P.

This is admirable, Alannah! Continue to lift others up and pay it forward.



Goodluck Lannah


Joyce Manigsaca

Well done inday ๐Ÿ‘


Dan Gabatan


Milagros/mario Africano

Goodluck Alannah




Lanie Pelonia-radosavljevic

Well done, Alana!


Raylin Garcia-rafols

Well done Alannah๐Ÿ˜€


Gwyneth De Guia


Delia Jarina

Good on you Alannah. Keep it up. Good luck with your fundraising. God bless.๐Ÿ˜˜


Gienne Seguerra

Hi ate keep up the good work




Vincent Rico

Stay in school kid





Proud of you to make a difference to those less fortunate




Corwin Macasero

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