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Do It In A Dress 2020

Just a simple education can change a girls world

... 130 million girls around the world are out of school. Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls, but also their families, communities and countries. 

This organisation has a goal to provide equal access to quality education, advocate for sexual equality and respect for women as well as the knowledge of basic human hygiene. They have impacted 12, 152 girls by giving them an education on basic bodily functions such as menstruation and how to deal with it hygienically which unfortunately is not common knowledge or taught to many girls. 

Not only that, but getting more girls in school will have a positive impact on climate change! A win-win-win.

I'm putting on a school dress to raise awareness and raise funds for girls' education. Because when I put on a dress, I'll be helping girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda put on a school dress and take charge of their futures. 

Help me change the world through girls' education!

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Raised $40!? Enough for five reusable pad kits!

Hit $100! Enough for life skills training for six months!

Raised $300 – that's enough for school for one year!

Raised $500 ... you are absolutely smashing it!

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