Diya Mundasad

One Girl Ambassadors 2021

Hi, my name is Diya and I am aiming to fundraise $1000 this year for One Girl - that’s 3 and a half years of education for a girl!

This year I'm proud to be a One Girl Ambassador! I'm supporting One Girl by raising awareness and funds for girls' education.

One Girl aims to break down barriers and provide girls with access to proper education in Sierra Leone and Uganda, and is a cause I strongly believe in. Education is a powerful tool, and provides girls with life long skills that not only allow them to create their own futures, but collectively help shape others’ futures through tackling pressing social and global issues such as gender inequality and climate change. By helping me reach my fundraising goal, you are creating change, one girl at a time :)

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good luck!


Trish Mathew

Worthy cause, you doing great


Sid Kamble

Good job Diya. Very inspiring


Kirstin Lyons

Impressive Diya such a worthy cause


Justine Garvey

Truly inspiring, thank you Diya


Carolyn Baker

Well done Diya. Girl power!


Diahann Tapfumanei

Well done Diya


Neha Patil

Good job, Diya Keep it going.


Preethi Igoor

Keep up the good work, Diya !!


Madhu Rajan

Great work diya! Keep it up


Melanie Lamden

Well done Diya!!




Same Page Physician Pty Ltd

Great work Diya keep it up for a noble cause


Diya Mundasad Pty Ltd


Kaval And Family

Great cause Diya, good luck in getting to your target!





Great work my Darling girl 🥰


Farza Rastegar


Catty<3 Nguyen

diya i love you you are my one girl proud of u bae


Clarissa Hee

let's go diya!!


Diya Mundasad

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