Elodie Marriott

One Girl Ambassadors 2021

I'm fundraising for girls' education!

Hi! I'm Elodie and I'm a One Girl Ambassador. As one of hundreds of ambassadors fighting to get more girls an education, I'm aiming to raise $1,000 to support our girs in Sierra Leone and Uganda. Together we help to break the barriers these girls face that stop them from getting to school.

Did you know that 130 million girls are out of school around the world?! Well, we are aiming to change that.

Will you help support me so I can help these girls get the education they need?

Thank you to my Sponsors




Josiane Marriott


Adam Hari

Not many people take action with their beliefs. Ill support anyone who is doing good in life! I dedicate my life to spreading sustainable living and saving the earth and education in any form is the best way to create the most long lasting positive change. Keep spreading the love!


Philippa Freeman

A great cause, Elodie - well done!


Sandra Tiepermann



Well done, Elodie


Keren Westerlund

All the best with this fabulous initiative, Elodie!


Renehan Family

A wonderful cause well done Elodie


Jenny & Isabella Zeuschner

What a wonderful initiative Elodie 💕🌸. Best of luck with your fundraising. X j&i


Borbely Family

Inspired by your consistent intention to empower all those around you!


Victoria Burton

Great cause Eloise. Very happy to support. Well done


A&m Marriott

With love from Omi and Grandad


Rohanne Hutchinson-brooks


Nigel Hutchinson-brooks






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