Do It In A Dress 2019

We're Doing It In A Dress because...

... 130 million girls around the world are out of school. Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls, but also their families, communities and countries. Not only that, but getting more girls in school will have a positive impact on climate change! A win-win-win.

We're putting on a school dress to raise awareness and raise funds for girls' education. Because when we put on a dress, we'll be helping girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda put on a school dress and take charge of their futures. 

Help us change the world through girls' education!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Alison Ledger

This is a great cause Kate! Well done on getting involved :)


Norelle Williams

Well done Phoebe. A very worthy cause


Sue Hobson

Well done Kate! Good on you for supporting such a worthwhile cause.


David Ledger

Proud of your efforts Kate!


Mandy Paleologos

Good luck Chloe♥️


Fiona Williams

What a great cause Phoebs!


Mike Gillis


Sue Brown

Good luck and please show me the photos.


Will Santow

Well done, Phoebs. Great initiative! I’m delighted to support you and the other team members. Love, Dad


Melissa Williams

Great cause Phoebe! X


Naomi Tancred

A fantastic cause Chloe. Well done.


Leonora Santow

I’m very pleased to support your campaign Phoebe


Declan Kinsella

Well done Niamh. We're very proud of you. Love you always Grandad & Grandma


Emily Ledger


Nick Farrow

Keep doing what your doing and you'll be able to cross no.1 off your bucket list.


Kate Ledger


Kyle Thurkettle

I think that this is just awesome. Your brother plays basketball with my son. I think he’s pretty amazing and obviously now I know you are as well. All the best. I’d love to see photos get your mum to post them. Kyle X


Kate Marriott

Great cause, well done Chloe!


Madison Ledger


Katrina Glendinning

Well done Chloe. So inspiring. Go girl !!! Xxx



Good on you Chloe!


Rebecca Baillie

Go for it Phoebe!


Annabel Norris


Mathew Brown


Lydia Wohl


Emily Maher

You are amazing for doing this Neveyyyyyy!!! Love you so so much xxxx

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