Francesca Zeccola

By Francesca Zeccola

I'm donating my birthday to support this awesome cause

This year I'm donating my birthday to support girls' education through One Girl. So instead of gifts, I'd like to ask you to support them too with a donation. Don't waste your money on me this year, let's make an impact for someone who really needs it.

Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Angelo Di Berardino

A wonderful cause from a wonderful girl happy 17th birthday Francesca


Darcy Bryce

Happy Birthday Frank


Monica Di Luzio

I love what you're doing my darling niece xxx


Jess And Hayley

Two great causes! Happy birthday x


Adz Di Luzio


Sarah Warren

🥳 ❤️


Maria Silverii

I hope your day is as beautiful and special as you. Love you too much xx


Cindy Cataldo

You are a wonderful human. Happy birthday to you beautiful girl xx

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