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My target 1610 kms

UTA100 (and my other races this year!)....... I'm Doing It In A Dress because...

There are so many things that prevent girls from accessing quality education and in many low-income countries, girls face unique challenges simply because they were born a girl. 

... 130 million girls around the world are out of school. Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls, but also their families, communities and countries. A win-win-win-win.

So this year instead of just running my trail races for "fun" I'm doing it for a good cause. That includes;


Two Manly Dam STS half marathons

The Sydney Marathon

and the fearsome 100km Ultra-Trail Australia Ultramarathon. 

Help me meet my Target and I will also run the epic Tarawerra 100mile Endurance Race in a dress as well to say thanks (and raise some more money!)

Yep.... I'm putting on a school dress and running all of my trail races, including the 100km UTA through the Blue Mountains to raise awareness and raise funds for girls' education. Because when I put on a dress, I'll be helping girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda put on a school dress and take charge of their futures - All you have to do is donate some money!

Please give what you can, and help me change the world through girls' education! 

My Achievements

Reached 100% of your fundraising target! A+ effort!

Joined Do It In A Dress 2021 ... and we're off!

Raised $40!? Enough for five reusable pad kits!

Hit $100! Enough for life skills training for six months!

Raised $300 – that's enough for school for one year!

Raised $500 ... you are absolutely smashing it!

Shared on facebook!

Thanked my donors :)

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Oh so cold!






Legs so cold...... ......I so fear the chaffing

Training going well....... not long until Manly Dam 21km race!



Thank you for your support today everyone! Near as damn it 50% of the way to my target. You are all legends!


Well, it's international womens day and I've not reached my target so I'm rocking my dress to work.
Please consider donating:)

International Women's Day

Well...... seeing as its International Women's Day next Monday, and I've not met my target yet.......
I'm going to cary out my promise of rocking up to work in a dress.
Feel free to donate everyone..... and STANTEC people - dig deep or I will make it a regular thing! (nooo one wants that :) ) 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Fleur Johnson

Congrats! Amazing achievement!


Gary Slenders

You owe me a photo!!


Yolande Boys

Here's the pledge I made somewhere before or after Ironpot (it's a blur)! Congrats on getting it done.


Matt Trounce

Hey Ian. Met you at the start line. Fantastic way to draw attention to the cause. And congrats on the race!


Greg Holland

Amazing effort Ian!


Katie Collins

Congratulations Ian, just incredible!


Amy & Matt

You are crazy Ian!! Such an amazing achievement. Good luck and all the best. Amy & Matt. Xx


Linda Kerr

Go Ian! (and Laura cheering from the hotel window!)



Go Ian! You're rocking the dress wonderfully.


Sharmila Lakshmanaa

Well done Ian! What a brilliant effort!


Mathew Marson-neep

Awesome cause, careful of that chafing! Love and luck from the Marson-Neep’s.


Paul Kynaston

All the best mate. No dress suggestions 100km is hard enough


Cameron Staib

Have a great run mate


Catherine Vero

What a legend. Maybe some of those girls will become engineers and save the world!


Jo Lockhart

Came across your page link in the Squadrun FB group Ian. Great cause, and good luck for UTA100...don’t forget the Bodyglide ;-)



Thank you for championing such a good cause.


Susan Kitching


Sue Drayton

Well done! I bet you have been looking for an excuse for years to wear a dress! 😉


Chris Smith



I wonder Where this non waiving effort to make a difference in the third world comes from to this generation of UK men and women comes from: You may wear different political strips but the same Zeal: Blair, Brown, Cameron to mention the leaders but closer to me Tom and your self. Kudos to you guys!




Jeremie Hooi


Chris Butson


Suzanne Batchelor


The Otters

Great job Ian!!


Jaya Weerasinghe

You looked great in your school uniform today.


David Fligelman


Gillian Morris

First payment 😄


Joung Gyo Shim

Good on you Ian.


Hassi Al Kabanchi

Thank you for stepping up and doing this!


Lucy Barber

Thanks for rockin' the frock to raise awareness and funds for these girls around the world x you are a champ Ian x


Rich Watson

Great cause Ian. Not a day has gone by in UK lock-down without me having an argument with Arla about how privileged she is to have access to education - hopefully your 'little jogs' will inspire her. Rich


Rhyannon Barker


Jeff Mann




Deborah Evanson

Really great charity to run for ! Hope your chaffing is not too bad !! Go Ian Love big sis x


Fiona Setu

A dress is not comfortable to run and what a great cause- good on you and good luck!


Tatum Woods

Good work Ian!!


Nic Arnold

Wishing you luck Ian!


Anh Ho

Great cause Ian! I hope the dress get pass the gears checked for the UTA :)


Michaela Veal

Good luck! What an amazing cause xxx


Claudia Baines

My grandmother taught at a girls school in Gyaza in Uganda, so it means a lot that you are doing this Ian, much respect. What a fantastic cause.


Sian & Caine Mertens

Love this cause Ian. Make sure you choose a comfortable dress! So glad you’re back into running.


Nicole Grannell



Ian Evanson

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