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The Power of Educating Girls

You heard it here. Empower women. Change the world. Yup, that's right, the empowerment of women is the number 1 way to combat climate change. Get on board and donate now!


Thank you to everyone this week who supported this cause! Seriously I am so grateful. I really want you to think about the impact you are having. It is incredible how much change we can create from the other side of the world, and how easily we can become apart of something so much bigger than we could ever imagine. Sometimes, it can be hard to properly see or imagine the change that you are assisting with, but please don't underestimate it. Your support is truly helping us all change the world - one girl at a time! 

One Girl!

I'm an ambassador for One Girl as I am extremely passionate about gender equality, and believe that by empowering and educating young women, we can break down some of the barriers stopping the world from achieving such equality. Not only this, but the combination of educating girls, and teaching family planning, is the number 1 way to combat climate change! 
This year, the ambassadors are aiming to raise $100,000 of funds, to ensure that COVID-19 does not become another barrier in the way of girls' education. We would really appreciate it if you could donate and be a part of a movement that will change the world, one girl at a time!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Liv Cunningham


Wendy Anderson

Great cause Mads! Hope you reach your goal soon xx


Millie Cooke

go mads! you and me changing the world!! love you ❤️


Lilli Holmes

Go madz!! xx


Ruby Seymour

Go Mads 👭💗 so great of you ! well done 🥰


Mary Peiffer

Well done Maddie for bringing this to our attention At times such as now important causes are often pushed to the background. Great to support and empower women whereever they may be Love you and your passion Hal xoxo


Yasmin Jayasekera

Awesome job Mads ❤️


Kate Aston

Well done Maddie and I’m sure you’ll reach your goal!


Scarlett Davis

for charlie


Charlotte Aston

Go Mads!


Sally Ann Ryan

So very proud of the amazing, compassionate, empathetic & powerful woman you are growing into Mads. Feels very comforting to know that even in these strange & uncertain times our future is still looking positive, with the likes of people like you to lead the way. Love you. Xoxo


Sophie Powell

I would donate more but I’m kinda broke. Love you MadZ xx


Anna C

Super important initiative x


Nicole Rosenberg

Well done Mads! Love the Rosenbergs


Nicole Barnes

You’re inspiring Maddie





Sam Prior

Good stuff Maddie, great cause


Erin, Daniel & Benny Jetter

I love that you are supporting this very important cause XX


Annabelle Green




Juliana Edgell

Go Mads, such a fabulous cause. Keep inspiring.....xxxx


Faye Hamilton


Josh Ihle


Adrienne James

A great thing to do Maddie. Good luck Adie


John Powell

Chicks Rule!


The ‘cookies’

Well done Maddie! What a great cause


Edmund Powell

Onya Madds.


Diana & Tom

Well done Maddie - terrific leadership xx


Rosanne Cregan

Hope you achieve your goal Maddie


Marlene Rogers

So proud of you Maddie. What a wonderful cause


Andrea Quail

Well done. Such a fabulous cause.


Joe Powell

Good job Maddie


Joe Powell

Good job Maddie

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