Nicola Bodle

Do It In A Dress 2019

This October I'm Doing It In A Dress

That's right, I'll be wearing a school dress around to raise money and awareness for young girls in Africa who are denied an education simply because they are born female.

My goal is $600 which can provide education for two girls in Uganda or Sierra Leone where the illiteracy rate is almost 50%.

Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls and their communities, but it also has a positive impact on climate change as educated women are likely to have less children.

We can take our privilege for granted in Australia, complaining about assignments or school rules. These girls would do anything to be in our shoes. They are so desperate to learn but they need our help. 

Let's get these girls out of poverty and into schools.


The future is female.


My Achievements

Reached 100% of your fundraising target! A+ effort!

Joined Do It In A Dress 2019 ... and we're off!

Raised $40!? Enough for five reusable pad kits!

Hit $100! Enough for life skills training for six months!

Raised $300 – that's enough for school for one year!

Raised $500 ... you are absolutely smashing it!

Shared on facebook!

Thanked my donors :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ashleigh Ramage

Always inspired by and appreciate the beautiful things you do for our planet nok


Kat Mctaggart

Go you!!! This is such an important thing everyone should be talking about and taking action against. Hope my little donation is able to help in some small way


Courtney Adams

Go girl!


Nicola Bodle

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