Covid Birthday Fundraiser

By Olivia Tunney

I'm donating my birthday to support this awesome cause

Hello my lovely friends & family! 

It's November already (I can't believe it either) which means my birthday is coming up soon. If you were thinking of getting me a gift at all, please instead make a donation to one girl as a way of celebrating with me. 

I am super proud of Melbourne for where we are at now with covid (and getting the pubs back open!!). But not all countries are as lucky.  When Ebola swept through Sierra Leone, teen pregnancy increased by 65%, there were more maternal and child deaths and a much higher rate of child marriage. This global pandemic will likely mean similar risks for young women and girls and the effects will be felt for years. 

Every little bit counts and it would mean a lot to me if you could help me reach my goal. <333

Thank you to my Sponsors


Emma Wunsch

Love you my lovely livi &lt;3 hope you have the bestest bday and see you later this weeekkk from the Wicked Wensch of the West


Ben Collins





Pip Dolman


Emm Bolton


Jess Lee



Mitchell Evans


Amelia Begins


Robyn Tunney

You are Super Duper


Bella Keogh


Olivia Tunney

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