Rhianna Barbaro

One Girl Ambassadors 2020

I'm fundraising for girls' education

In 2012, I visited Cambodia. On this trip I came in close contact with the harsh realities poverty places upon so many men, women and children globally. After meeting with young women who had to forego an education and often times be forced into unthinkable situations, I knew something had to give. 

130 million girls around the globe do not receive an education. A basic and fundamental human right. The only thing standing in their way? A lack of opportunity. Given the means, the tools and the opportunities, young girls thrive!

But did you know, an educated girl will be paid 10-20% more for every year of secondary school she completes? She is at less risk of human trafficking, abuse or early marriage. If she chooses to have children, she will have less (which has major environmental benefits). An educated girl is breaking down troubling taboos surrounding sexual and reproductive health. An educated girl is fearless, independent and a game changer for her community. 

This year I am proud to have joined the One Girl ambassador program to assist in giving girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda the education opportunities they deserve! Along with bringing awareness about educational disparities for girls in poverty-stricken communities, it is our goal to raise $100,000 to fund scholarships for girls, establish vocational training programs, and carry out the Launchpad program that promotes menstrual health management (and dispel taboos).

Will you help me change the world one girl at a time?

Thank you to my Sponsors




Rhianna Barbaro

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