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One Girl Programs

Educating girls is our thing! We work in Sierra Leone and Uganda to support girls and young women to access education and skills development, helping them to grasp opportunity and chase their dreams! 

Girls Emerge, Uganda

Vocational training for young Ugandan women to learn practicial, valuable skills! 

Girls In School

Supporting girls in Sierra Leone to access and STAY IN SCHOOL!

Girl Tok

Keeping girls connected and learning through our digital wellbeing program.

Teachers of Tomorrow

Training teachers in Sierra Leone to provide high quality, gender inclusive education.

Past Programs & Partnerships

Past Programs

All of our wonderful past programs, that have helped shaped everything we do!


Collaboration is key! Here's a list of all the legends we've partnered with over the years.

Our Approach to Programs

Here at One Girl, we like to do things a little differently. We believe that girls themselves have exactly what it takes to make a change (of any shape or size), in both their lives and for those around them. So it's pretty simple really, our approach is to trust deeply and allow girls to take the reigns!

  At One Girl, we are:   


We believe in inspiring change through the use of the arts and innovative approaches that harness the assets within cultures. We are not constrained to using Western methods but rather look at what speaks to traditional ways of being and believing for those within the communities we work with.

Creative in action - we've used theatre, songs and dance to teach about periods, a traditional and creative way of communicating and imparting knowledge in many African communities.

A Community

We build relationships with traditional decision-makers within communities and create platforms where those who are often unheard, can increase their agency. This means that our programs are organically formed and integrated into the social fabric, through community members providing consultation from design to evaluation and learning phases. 

Community in action - our community committees help us to engage communities regularly through training and meetings on topics such as child safeguarding and study support.


The perspectives of women in development and achieving gender equality is at the forefront of everything we do. All of our programs are designed by women for women and aim to deconstruct systems that fuel a patriarchal society and disempower women and girls.

Feminism in action - we co-design and co-create programs with partners and share resources beyond just financial, appreciating the value of knowledge and diverse ways of doing things. A great example of this is our partnership with Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone (GESL) who we partnered with in 2020 to develop SHE, an education campaign designed to support young in Sierra Leone to stay safe, healthy and empowered during the COVID-19 crisis.


Young girls and women are at the centre of our programming. School-aged girls and recent graduates play a key part in designing, implementing and evaluating our programs. Our strong relationships with inspirational young women and girls mean that One Girl is able to collaborate with girls to ensure they are driving the change they want to see.

Girl-led in action - Girls are involved in our design through reviewing curriculum and content and become the facilitators of our programs as former participants become mentors.


One Girl recognises that there are many aspects preventing a girl from succeeding in her education, and we aim to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to this. Although we try to remain focused and know that we should not try to do it all, we recognise all barriers experienced by girls, and collaborate with others to ensure each barrier is being addressed. 

In action - we work in partnership with 25 partner schools, and ensure that all of our programs are implemented in those schools and surrounding areas. This ensures that we address topics such as: sexual health and rights, menstrual hygiene, career development, wellbeing and advocacy for girls' education all at once.


We believe in the intrinsic value that a community may contribute to their own development. We don't believe in dwelling on the negatives, deficits or needs but rather concentrating on how to build up the strengths of communities, individuals and institutions.

Positivity in action - we don't believe in 'vulnerable' girls. These are strong, capable young women and we work with them to make their dreams come true. All our workshops and program content uses a positive feminist lens, where we focus on themes like: black feminist body positivity, wellbeing and mental health, positive self-talk and sexual choice and agency in a positive, uplifing way.

Keen to get behind these epic programs and help us to support as many girls as possible? 

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