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5 pairs of school shoes - Physical Card


Card purchases from the One Girl store are 100% tax-deductible within Australia. Proceeds from these cards will help educate girls, so your cute message on the inside won’t be the only reason your lucky loved one will be getting the warm and fuzzies when they open the card!

To find out more about what we do, visit the One Girl website

About this card

Front of card says:
I got you some school shoes. 

Inside (left) says:
Surprise #2 - They're not for you! 
They're for girls in Sierra Leone,
West Africa.
Thanks to you they’ll be empowered through education.

And for every year a girl is educated her income will increase by 10–20%. 
Best. Present. Ever.

Back of card:
Proceeds from this card will be used to fund girl-focused education projects across Africa. Find out more about our work at:

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