Are you ready to Do It In A Dress?

30 Nov 1999
Today we launch our biggest campaign of the year - Do It In A Dress is back... and it's dressier than ever! It’s that time of the year again - Do It In A Dress has just launched for 2017 and we can’t wait to unleash a wave of dressy madness on the world! With every passing year we are awe-struck by the incredible challenges and events that our community takes on as part of Do It In A Dress. So much so that we wanted to showcase them in our brand spankin’ new video - check it out… The passion and dedication of our Dressers (as we affectionately call them) is nothing short of inspiring - and every single year we see people pushing the boundaries, stepping outside their comfort zones, and proudly rocking school dresses all to fight for every girl’s right to an education.
Suddenly, the simple school dress takes on a whole new meaning: it’s not just a uniform or an item of clothing - it’s a powerful symbol that represents empowerment, education, and the possibility of a new future. And so we proudly put on our school dresses, so that girls who dream of nothing else, can do the same.
And to be honest? It’s one of our favourite times of the year. Of course it’s also the busiest time: running a campaign can be stressful, sending out thousands of dresses across the country and world can be a logistical nightmare, and sometimes there are late nights at One Girl HQ (and of course the ridiculous amount of time we spend hitting the refresh button on the Do It In A Dress homepage, watching that tally of funds raised and girls educated go up and up…). Despite all that, it’s hands down the best time for our team because we get to see a movement of people stand up and take action because we believe that EVERY girl deserves an education. We get to see our Ambassadors, volunteers, and supporters step out and become advocates for girls’ education in their communities. We hear of amazing conversations happening about gender equality and girls’ rights happening in schools and workplaces, we see fundraisers sharing their story with the media, we witness whole Uni campuses being taken over by a wave of school dresses. It’s seriously epic - there’s no other way to describe it. And of course we get to see some INSANE challenges take place around the country and the world.
So we have just one question for you: will you join us and put on a school dress for over 60 million girls who can’t?
There are millions of girls around the world who are denied an education. Denied an opportunity to learn and flourish. Denied the chance to reach their full potential. In Sierra Leone a girl is more likely to be married as a child than she is to go to high school. But we have the power to change this. And it’s as simple as putting on a school dress. Join the Do It In A Dress movement and raise funds to help us educate thousands of girls this year. Are you with us? Sign up today at: We can’t wait to get dressy with you!

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