How to Start Your Own Community Project, Business or Non-Profit

30 Nov 1999
My stomach sank. It was another no. Another ‘no thanks’. Another ‘I appreciate the offer, but it’s not for me.’ Rejection. It’s gross. It’s uncomfortable - and when you’re trying to start anything, a business, a community project or a non-profit - it’s part of the journey. Starting One Girl meant that we were faced with an endless stream of rejections - if only I’d known at the beginning this was just one hurdle in the role of ‘starting something’, perhaps I wouldn’t have spent so much time not believing in myself or thinking that I’d messed up. Rejection is a big part of starting ANYTHING that matters
And rejection is just one teeny tiny part of starting ANYTHING that matters.
Every day, we receive emails from businesses owners, social entrepreneurs and young passionate leaders asking two things -

How can I help? How can I do what you’ve done?

In short, there is no quick answer. Building anything of value takes time, commitment and putting yourself on the line over and over again (despite the no’s that life might throw your way). Building One Girl has meant we’ve had to face continuous rejection - it means we’ve had to learn how to tell powerful stories that inspire people to take action - how to ask for things (even when we’re damn uncomfortable doing it) - how to build a community - how to rally people around something we believe in - and most importantly how to ACT - over and over and over again, even when we’re terrified of doing it. The lessons we’ve learnt through building One Girl are some of the most powerful and valuable tools that any person can equip themselves with. And although the journey has not been all rainbows and unicorns, it’s been amazingly rewarding. But the best part? I know, beyond a doubt, that I now have the ability to start ANYTHING - a business, a new project, whatever - and I can achieve EVERYTHING that I’ve done here. I know how it works, I have a sense of what to expect, because I’ve had to learn it over and over again. And that makes me one hell of a world changing machine. Same with Lauren. And Larissa. And a tonne of other One Girl’ers who’ve joined our ranks.
And to be honest - in answering the questions you saw above, that’s exactly WHY we started our Ambassador program.
Because we know there are so many people out there waiting for an opportunity to start something. How many times in your life have you said - “I’ll do that one day.. but..” or perhaps you’ve come up with an business idea or project you want to get off the ground, but life keeps getting in the way. Or maybe you see a whole bunch of things wrong with the world. Like 300 girls in Nigeria getting kidnapped. Or a 14 year old girl shot in the head on her school bus for wanting to go to school. And you’ve thought “one day I’m going to do something about it.” But as you probably already know.. one day never comes.
Enter : The Ambassador Program.
If I could go back and meet myself 5 years ago, man what I would’ve done to join a program like this... A program that teaches you: To take on big goals – even if it scares them (like educating 10 girls). To inspire your community to take action on important issues. How to create projects that have a real impact. And most importantly, a program that surrounds you with a community of go-getters who are there to back YOU, your ideas and whatever you’ve dreamed up. Epic. In 2014 One Girl Ambassadors were responsible for raising over $120,000 through their communities; their projects, their ideas, their passion. We’ve seen Ambassadors leave our program and go on to start their own small businesses - like Roz, who after finishing our Ambassador program raised $40,000 to start her own sanitary pad business called Tsuno. Or Michele, who quit her job and started her own tutoring and education company called CreativeWorks. Some of our amazing Ambassador Alumni

Some of our amazing Ambassador alumni - out in the world making a difference in a very big way

Hear what some of our other Ambassadors have had to say about their experience... [testimonial_slider autorotate="5000"] [testimonial name="Alex" quote="I am lucky that I can decide where my life will go. Being an Ambassador allows me to help other girls decide their own futures too. As an Ambassador I have been able to challenge myself to achieve goals that actually make a real difference in this world. And that feels pretty awesome." id="t1"] [testimonial name="Lydia" quote="Education changes things. For a girl in Sierra Leone, it changes almost everything. It doesn't just change her life, because she’ll change her community. And they might just change the world. Being an Ambassador gave me a tangible way of fighting for that. For people here, education can change almost everything too. Sharing the work that One Girl does empowers people to be a part of something so much bigger. It’s crazy exciting and so worth standing for. " id="t2"] [testimonial name="Brianna" quote="I became a One Girl Ambassador because I wanted to help other women and girls. One Girl showed me that actions really do speak louder than words, and if you take a stand against something, others will follow. As a result (and most importantly), so many bright girls in Sierra Leone were given the educational opportunities they deserved." id="t3"] [testimonial name="Elissa" quote="I became an Ambassador for One Girl because I wanted a challenge, and I wanted to make a change. I was too comfortable living my privileged life in Australia, all the while knowing of the extreme poverty and lack of opportunities faced by many girls worldwide. Being an Ambassador for One Girl allows you to develop the skills required to become a real change maker - and gives you the chance to equip the scholarship girls with the tools they need to create change in their own communities. It is a revolution, and you can be a part of it!" id="t4"] [/testimonial_slider]   Life is short and we all have things we want to do - life goals we want to achieve. Sometimes it’s hard to get there on your own. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay positive in the face of no. But through the Ambassador Program you can be equipped with the skills, experience and incredible community of likeminded go-getters, hustlers and visionaries - to help you get there. If you’re interested in kicking off the rest of this year with joining a passionate group of world changers.. please head on over and check out our Ambassador Program. Our workdays are about to start around the country - and we have online training for our International friends - so find out more and apply today!

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