What if the clothes you wore could change a life?

30 Nov 1999
It's time to dust off those dresses. We've launched Do It In A Dress for 2015 and and we want you to get ready to change thousands of lives this October! But before you do anything, watch this video. It's our best campaign video yet and we're so ridiculously excited to share it with the world.... Now if that doesn't inspire you to get your dress on, we don't know what will! 66 million girls around the world don’t have access to education, simply because they were born a girl. Because they were born into poverty, or a culture or society that tells them that they’re inferior to boys. They've been told that they don’t deserve an education, or the chance to reach their full potential.
But we can change this - and we will.
This October we’re putting on school dresses for the girls that can’t. We’re picking challenges and raising funds and taking a stand for girls’ education, so that we can give thousands of these girls the opportunity to go to school! And we want YOU to join us. Sign up at Share the video. And together we will change thousands of girls' lives forever.

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