A Father's Fight

30 Nov 1999
A few years ago we met a man who redefined for us what it means to fight for education, showing us the lengths a father could go for his daughters' future... His name is Musisi. Musisi lives in rural Uganda. He has a plot of land where he cultivates a humble crop. He has three daughters, Sandra, Sharon and Esther. And every day for the past thirty years he has been going into battle. Not for his own freedom - but for theirs. Musisi6 He would wake up early in the morning while it was still dark so he could be at the markets to sell his wares - a two hour journey away. He sold what he can, but all too often it was not enough. It wasn't just about putting food on the table - Musisi wanted to keep his girls in school. At any cost. When the crop was too small, or the weather made it difficult to harvest - he turned to making mud bricks. Crafting each one of them painstakingly by hand, he sold them at 3c each. He would need to sell 69,000 bricks to fund his girls' education. But there was never enough time, and despite his blood, sweat, and tears - he was always playing catch up. Though his debt continued to mount, Musisi never gave up. Musisi5 In a desperate moment, Musisi sold the family cow. It bought him some time. But his girls' school fees would keep coming in every term, and of course there were uniforms, text books, and supplies to buy - and it was becoming clear that he was losing this fight. Musisi2 One of his daughters, Esther, was supposed to move up into the next level of school. But because of the outstanding debt Musisi owed the school, they refused to release her grades or allow her to sit her exams to move into the next year level. This time, he was out of options. He had nothing left to barter or sell. And in that moment - that's when our team met him. And we decided to join Musisi in his fight for his girls. Watch the video to see how it unfolded... Musisi's and his daughters' story is not unique. Across the world there are millions of girls who are denied an education. Denied the opportunity to learn, grow, and reach their full potential. Denied the shot at a better future. And alongside those millions of girls are millions of fathers, and mothers, grandparents, and guardians - who are fighting for their girls' futures. Millions of fathers like Musisi who work tirelessly to give their daughters the best chance of success.
We honour the Musisi's of the world and their commitment to their children's future. And we're proud to stand alongside them, contributing what we can to their fight for education.
If you want to stand alongside us too, you can make a donation to fund our girls' education projects in Sierra Leone and Uganda - or sign up to become a Member of Graduation and join a passionate community of committed supporters who give regularly to keep our scholarship girls in school.

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