Meet Amy: Writer, Parkour Practitioner, One Girl Ambassador

30 Nov 1999
Our One Girl Ambassadors are an inspiring bunch. They're our dreamers, our doers, our trailblazers, and revolutionaries. They're the people in our community who stand up and advocate for girls' education, and push themselves outside of their comfort zone to lead a movement all about empowering and educating girls. That makes them our kind of people. We've recently opened up applications to join us and become a One Girl Ambassador, and one of the questions that has come up is "what kind of people are we looking for?" The truth is, there isn't one answer - our Ambassadors are a diverse group of people, of all ages and backgrounds. Some are students. Some are working professionals. We have creatives. Adventure nuts. Some, like Amy Han, are Parkour Practitioners (say what? don't worry - we explain!)
But one thing that unites them all? A passion to see girls educated and empowered; and a willingness to take action to make that happen.
We chatted to Amy about her experience as a One Girl Ambassador and how she turned parkour (you know those crazy guys and gals you see climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping and rolling their way around cityscapes and buildings) into a powerful fundraising tool. Why did you apply to become an Ambassador for One Girl? I'm the founder of Creative Write-it. We work with kids to inspire them to imagine, write, and share stories – so it broke my heart that there are so many girls in particular around the world who don’t have access to education at all, let alone the encouragement and support we offer kids in our workshops. Becoming an Ambassador was easy and fun. I was a little worried about not being able to dedicate enough time to it, but it helped to remember that my fundraising goals and projects could be as little or huge as I liked. What does being an Ambassador mean to you? It means stepping up and showing that I believe every child, and every girl in particular, deserves an education. What was your favourite part of the role? Bringing a whole lot of friends together (even some overseas friends I still haven’t met!) to do something we love (parkour), in dresses and sending 15 girls to school for a year. Amy_dress What was the most challenging? That balance of raising awareness and maintaining fundraising momentum without being annoying or over-posting. What was your Do It In A Dress challenge? 1. I hosted “Do it in a Dress: Global Parkour Jam for Change”. I shared the event with both local and international parkour communities and we ended up having people film themselves training parkour in dresses around Australia, as well as Europe, UK, and South America! Check out the video below. 2. I also pledged to quadrupedal (move on all fours) 1m for every dollar raised. How did you find the fundraising experience? I found it humbling to see how many people showed their support – by donating, by setting up local jams, or by training on their own in dresses to be part of the event. We definitely raised a lot more collectively than I ever could have raised on my own. And as a bonus, I got to ‘jam’ with people in other states and around the world! Parkour2 Parkour1 What are your top fundraising tips? 1. Choose a challenge that’s possible but challenging for you. 2. Utilise the networks you already have. 3. Be sincere about why you’re doing this, what this cause means to you – without being preachy. 4. Put your fundraising page out there and show your appreciation for every person that supports you, through donations, sharing your page, or showing up to your event. 5. Remember that a fundraising goal is just a goal: you might smash it, you might not, but either way it’s not the point. You’re contributing to a much bigger pool and your contribution, however big or small, makes a difference. What would you tell anyone thinking of applying for the One Girl Ambassador Program?
Don’t think too much – if it feels like something you want to be a part of, do it!
What’s next for you? I’m currently writing a parkour-inspired novel for young adults. The main character is a strong-willed teenage girl with a magical gift. There is a theme emerging about connection and helping others in order to help ourselves. It works quite well with being a One Girl Ambassador! We loved watching Amy's Parkour adventures last year, and we were so inspired by her community that rallied around her and together raised over $4700 - enough to educate 15 girls for an entire year. Now THAT'S an effort worth jumping (or rolling, diving, spinning, swinging) for! You can join Amy, and the rest of our incredible One Girl Ambassadors by applying today. Take the leap - you never know what you'll find once you land ;) [button open_new_tab="true" color="extra-color-2-tilt" hover_text_color_override="#fff" size="large" url="" text="APPLY TO BECOME A ONE GIRL AMBASSADOR" color_override=""]

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