Meet Tony: Father, Education Advocate, and One Girl Ambassador

30 Nov 1999
A few years ago we met an incredible father who would stop at nothing to give his daughters an education. His name is Musisi, and if you haven't already, you can watch his amazing story here. While everyone who hears Musisi's story is moved by it, it resonated with Tony on a whole other level.
"I'm a father of two young adults who (in their own words) have never wanted for anything. Watching what Musisi had to do everyday to ensure his daughters were able to stay in school, was inspiring."
Tony was more than hooked - he was compelled to act. "One Girl and the work they do simply spoke to my heart. I was so affected by Musisi's story that I had to do something." So Tony applied to become a One Girl Ambassador. What does being an Ambassador mean to you? Being an Ambassador means that I have a responsibility to advocate for girls' education and raise awareness about the benefits of the work One Girl is doing. I love being able to do this - this work changes lives, and I know the knock on effect of educating a girl continues for future generations. More than that, it's an amazing opportunity to give back to those who are not as fortunate as me. What was your favourite part of being a One Girl Ambassador? Being an Ambassador means you're part of One Girl, which is an amazing community. The support, the understanding, and the fun is awesome! I've loved witnessing the generosity of people and being able to articulate to them the difference they're making. What was your Do It In A Dress activity/challenge? I did a number things including morning teas at work, and trivia nights. However my main challenge was a fun walk/run around Albert Park. I was blown away by the support I had from my community. Tony_blog How did you find the fundraising experience? It was great. People are so generous and the tools available these days, particularly social media, make it fun and easy. I was so touched by strangers who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who donated to my page. You smashed your fundraising goal! What are your top fundraising tips?
I have three main tips: 1. Build a team. My sister, my father, a friend and I all joined together and it made the experience that much more successful and fun! 2. You can create your own event however there are always lots of events already happening in your part of the world and within your network. You can just get along to those events and do them in a dress. 3. SOCIAL like a crazy person!
What would you tell anyone thinking of applying to become a One Girl Ambassador If you have a heart for making a difference to the world we share, don't wait to jump into this community. It's awesome, it's fun, and YOU will change the lives of young girls and their future generations. Tony_blog2 What’s next for you? I'll keep sharing about One Girl's work, raising awareness and funds and hopefully even mentor some new Ambassadors. If like Tony, you're moved to DO something about the fact that over 60 million girls around the world aren't in school - you can apply to become a One Girl Ambassador today! Spots are filling fast and applications close June 30 - so don't miss out!

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