The Awesome Toilet is Complete!

30 Nov 1999
Do you remember back in March, when we won the mega grant of $4317 from The Awesome Foundation to build a toilet for our scholars? Well that toilet is now complete and we've got the inside scoop on the ups and downs of building a toilet and everything in between. It all started one early morning in late May, when our fabulous program Manager, Ekundayo Johnson and his team set off from Freetown.  Armed with all the construction materials needed, including door locks, rubber buckets, cement, block boxes and nails amongst other bits and pieces, they were ready to build an AWESOME TOILET. Upon arriving at the Magbafth Line, the team were greeted with the teachers, women, students and the chief of the community, celebrating the work that was about to commence. The community had previously been promised that other organisations would come build a toilet for them, but none lived up to their promise until now! The youth of Magbafth Line were so excited by the construction of the toilet, that many have of them put their hands up to help build it. The job was by no means easy, as heavy rains meant the toilet hole had filled up with water. The workers and youth worked hard to remove the water from the toilet hole, and helped transport and lay the blocks of the foundation of the toilet.  While the youth and contractors worked together, the women helped fetch the water and cooked for the workers. A giant team effort! With the support of the entire community, the construction work was completed in four weeks, even in spite of the heavy rain. The next week was spent painting and then another two weeks to make the plaque. The toilet was officially completed on 6 July, 2012. To celebrate the completion of the toilet, the Magbafth  community and those of the nearby villages came together with singing, beating of drums, dancing, speeches and thank yous. From all the team at One Girl in Sierra Leone and Melbourne, we would like to say a mega thank you to The Awesome Foundation and everyone who voted for us that night and believed in us. Thanks to you, the girls and boys of the Magbafth community can wee and poo in safety, without having to worry about snake bites again!

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