What an Awesome Party

30 Nov 1999
Last week One Girl went to a party, but when I say party this wasn’t just any party. It was an Awesome Party put on by the Awesome Foundation Melbourne, where three finalists were in the running to win a Mega Grant of $3000 for their selected project. The party was hosted by Inspire 9 in their superb warehouse co-working space. Upon arriving we knew we were in for a good night, with food, cocktails and the band occupying each corner of the room. The theme of the night was trams, with people dressed up as tram conductors and inspectors, including artists from the Tram Sessions. Did we mention there were 10kg of cheese? But food and fun times aside, we were there for one main reason. And that was to tell the story of Theresa and our Awesome Toilet project. You may have read the story about Theresa before (Why we Want to Flush $3000 down the Toilet),  but we wanted to tell everyone at the party about it too.  So we set up our table and story wall, and for a little extra surprise, we planted plastic snakes in the toilet with post it notes on the wall saying ‘Every child deserves to wee and poo in safety’. [caption id="attachment_425" align="alignleft" width="632" caption="Jackie telling the story of Theresa"][/caption] Each project also got the chance to present on stage and we knew we were up for stiff competition once we heard the other two projects.  There was YGAP with their 5cent  project aiming to collect as many cents to bundle together to help stop poverty. Then there was ArtTruck who wants to have a mobile art gallery truck cruising the streets of Melbourne. To vote, each guest had to stick their tram ticket to the wall of the project they supported. With roughly an hour of voting time, the votes fluctuated up and down. We did a few counts throughout and were biting our nails and feeling the butterflies in our stomach each time. In the end, as MC Simon Taylor said, it came down to one vote, and that one vote made us the WINNER. We were presented with a giant cheque of ‘awesomeness’ for what was even a bigger surprise, of $4317. So to all of you that came down and voted for us, we’d love to say a Mega Thank You. Also, we want to say Thank You to the fabulous Awesome Foundation Melbourne and Tresna Lee, for hosting such an amazing evening. We can’t wait to start building our Awesome Toilet. Because of you, our scholars in Sierra Leone will be able to 'wee and poo' in peace, without worry again. (Photos courtesy of Inspire 9 and Lou Pardi)

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