Why We Want to Flush $3,000 Down the Toilet

30 Nov 1999
A week or so ago, we were in Magbafth Line – a community where ten of our scholars go to school. Magbafth Line is one of our school's that is in the most need of an upgrade. Due to the shortage of schools in the area, the community came together and decided to take matters into their own hands. They built a school out of mud bricks and sticks. The three room school educates more than 247 children across six grades. They did an amazing job using the resources that they had available. The teachers at Magbafth were keen to speak with us - they shared a story of a girl named Theresa.* Theresa is 9 years old, and in grade 3. A couple of weeks ago, she was sitting in class and realised that she needed to use the toilet. The only problem with Theresa’s school is that they don’t have any toilet facilities. They’ve got a school building, but nothing else. Theresa didn’t want to spend the next hour walking home to use the toilet, because she'd miss out on her classes, so she wandered into the bushes next to her school (which is what most of the other kids do as well). While she wandered through the bush looking for somewhere private to go to the bathroom, she got bitten by a poisonous snake and very quickly fell ill. This story isn't uncommon – the teachers told us that in the last four months, 6 children like Theresa have been bitten by a snake while going to the toilet, AND 2 little boys passed away because of their bites. Theresa was one of the lucky ones – she was rushed to a local doctor, he worked his magic, and she pulled through. Does that not strike you as a little ridiculous though? Can you imagine needing to go to the toilet and wondering whether or not you’d make it back alive? It’s insane! Theresa's community decided that enough was enough. Needing to use the toilet shouldn't be a life threatening task for their kids. They spent the next weekend digging a huge pit. It was time to build their own toilet. But now they've gotten to a point where they’re a little stuck. They've got a massive hole in the ground, but they don't have the funds to pay for the rest of the building. So that's why we want to Flush $3,000 Down The Toilet. We've got the estimates for the toilet – we can get all the materials and hire builders for less than $3,000. But this won't just be any toilet. This will be an AWESOME toilet. Diseases like diarrhea, cholera (aka super diarrhea) and dysentry will be drastically reduced. Over the next 10 years, more than 1000 children will be able to pee and poo without worrying about being bitten by a snake or getting sick. Pretty awesome huh? Our friends at the Awesome Foundation have been kind enough to shortlist us for a $3,000 Mega Grant that they're giving out in February this year. If we win it, we're going to send them the GPS coordinates and photos of the finished toilet. Plus we'll install a plaque that says “This Toilet was made possible by The Awesome Foundation and it’s Awesome Crew”. We're up against two other great projects for the Mega Grant – so we think it's time for a backup plan too. This year we want to start creating girl friendly schools too. We want to give kids a place where they can pee and poo in peace. We don't think that’s too much to ask. And you can help us do it. We’re looking for people who want to join our Monthly Supporter Team – It's just $20 a month, and that money can be used to make it safe for girls to go to school and use the toilet. Six coffees, or transform a girls life. So simple. Click here to join the One Girl Monthly Supporter Team and help girls like Theresa pee and poo in peace. * this little star means that Theresa was not the actual name of the little girl who was bitten by a snake. We’ve changed her name to protect her identity.  The girl in the photo is one of our scholars (she was modeling for us and was not the girl who was bitten by a snake.)

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